Your First Treatment
  • On your first visit to the clinic, we will ask you to please fill out several documents, including a lengthy patient intake form regarding your past medical history, current condition, etc. These documents may take a significant amount of time to complete, but are only required for your first visit. All follow-up intake forms are much more brief. Patient paperwork can be filled out in person at the clinic, or they can be printed and done at home. To find these documents, you can go to the 'forms' page under the 'information' tab or click here.
  •  If you plan to fill out these documents in person before your treatment, we recommend coming in at least 20 minutes early. Again, these forms tend to be lengthy and we want to ensure that you receive the full length of time for your treatment. If you decide to print them and fill them out at home, it is not necessary to arrive early before your treatment.
  • Very often, without even knowing, many of the dietary and lifestyle habits we practice every day are contributing to the very health condition that we are trying to heal. During herbal/nutritional consultations, we look into your current dietary and lifestyle patterns to determine what could be holding you back from feeling your best. We then provide you with extensive guidance concerning specific herbal and/or nutritional therapies that will help get you back on track.
  • Your first herbal/nutritional consult is 45 minutes in length. We take this entire length of time to discuss your current condition in detail and examine any areas of concern. Your practitioner then devises an herbal formula and/or dietary regimen specially individualized according to your unique needs and specifications. We contact you when it is ready and answer any further questions you may have.
Follow-Up Visits
  • All follow-up herbal/nutritional consults are 30 minutes in length. During this time, we briefly review your condition and discuss any changes in your presentation. We then look at how your body is responding to your current herbal formula and/or dietary regimen and determine if these therapies need to be altered or adjusted in any way.
Herbal Formulas
  • All conditions are unique, just as all herbal formulas are unique; therefore the length of time someone should take herbs varies for each individual. When provided with an herbal formula, your practitioner will discuss all of the details, including dosage, timing, preparation instructions and the duration of time required for you to receive significant therapeutic results.